Simple, elegant, uncomplicated designs to enhance your business

Visual representation of all your business ideas / plans / news, etc – I can make these important documents more visually appealing in order to capture your audience (employees or clients/customers).

Print design – enhance your brand by allowing me to take care of all your print design requirements such as infographics, brochures, logo design, invitations, newsletter design, flyers, posters, business cards, business stationary, menus, certificates – anything you can think of really …

Web design – there are over 1 billion websites on the internet.  Let me design and customise a unique and professional website for you using WordPress.

Social media design – catchy quote cards, event invitations, advertising, etc. on your social media accounts can help grow your customer base or get your message out to a wider audience.



Clear, concise and interesting communication solutions for your employees and clients/customers

Newsletters – this is a great way to maintain constant communication with your employees or your clients/customer.  I can design, write content and distribute according to your particular needs and desired frequency.

Social media – in addition to designing your social media content, let me also write fresh content for Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter,etc.   I can also update your accounts with relevant information and showcase and promote aspects of your business.

Blogs – communicating in a conversational language is important to connect and engage with people.  Blogs are an excellent platform for doing this.  Let me help with internal blogs for your employees, blogs for your clients/customers with relevant and interesting topics.

Article writing – I can take care of your writing needs for other internal or external publications.

Draft correspondence and presentations – professional and clear correspondence and presentations will have the most impact on your target audience.  Let me assist you in preparing these.

solutions-people2PEOPLE SOLUTIONS

Appreciating the soul of your business – the people that make it possible

Employee recognition programme (ERP) – an effective ERP can lead to happier and more productive employees.  I can help develop and implement an ERP that focuses on showing appreciation to deserving employees and encourages a culture of making the effort to acknowledge others.

Event planning – spoil your clients/customers and employees with functions and events that show your appreciation.

Change management plan – change can be difficult for people to adapt to.  I can provide a comprehensive change management plan template that can be customized for your business to help your employees (and clients/customers) accept change.

Client relationship management (CRM) – strong client relationships are essential to business success.  Allow me to create and maintain a database for you that collates your client information.


For those who need a little help to improve the efficiency of their business

Systems development, organisation and integration – implementing effective administration systems that save you time by allowing you to devote your energy to the most important elements of your business.

Database development – initial set-up using your own database programme (if you have one), otherwise use of MS Excel to create intelligent database solutions.

Internet research / compile proposals – you supply the topic, I research, collate the data and compile a draft proposal for you.

Identify training or other business needs through research and analysis of your company and employee data.

integratedINTEGRATED SOLUTIONSsolutions-creative-3

Bringing it all together

Many of the above solutions are inter-related and maximum value can be derived from a package that combines one or more solutions.

CONTACT ME to discuss how we can build your ideal solution.