Why do you need my Services?


Independent Solutions offers you a range of virtual professional services to complement your business.

You have the benefit of an INDEPENDENT team member with the relevant skills, expertise and creativity to offer you unique SOLUTIONS that can help your business flourish.  You save money by not having the overhead costs of a fulltime employee – buy only the time and skill you need, with the assurance of 100% commitment and quality.

I started Independent Solutions to offer CREATIVE, COMMUNICATION, PEOPLE AND ADMINISTRATIVE SOLUTIONS, with the aim of helping smaller business achieve their goals and see their business flourish.

Each service can be offered independently, or combined to build your ideal solution.  CONTACT ME to discuss how I can support your business.

MY MISSION … is to provide virtual solutions for and partner with businesses whose overarching purpose is to benefit others in a meaningful way.

You focus on your core activities, and let me use my skill and passion to help fill in the gaps.

What Qualifies Me?


  • A genuine love for people and passion to help others achieve their goals
  • BCom degree in Industrial Psychology (cum laude)
  • Practical Change Management , Digital Marketing, Emotional Intelligence, Effective Communication and other courses
  • Author of long-running successful corporate newsletter
  • Developed and managed effective Employee Recognition Programme
  • 20 years of high-level administrative experience
  • Development, integration and management of various intelligent systems to improve efficiencies
  • Winner of 2 service excellence awards
  • A wide range of additional skills in the creative, communications, people and administrative fields