4 Simple Steps to a Happier Workplace

I read a book last night.  (It was a short book)  It’s titled “Fish!” and it’s about how you can boost morale and improve results to create a happier workplace.

This sort of thing – happiness at work – is so close to my heart and something I believe is 100% worth striving for.  Some might say “but you don’t go to work to make friends, you are there to work, so what does it matter?” Well, actually yes you do, and it does matter.  Most people spend on average 57% of their precious waking lives working – damn right it matters how you feel during that time, wouldn’t you say?

This book, Fish!, teaches us valuable lessons told in a fictional story format.  It refers to the ‘toxic energy dump’ – the department in this story that is demotivated, unproductive, uninterested and miserable.  It gives us 4 simple steps to follow to turn a toxic energy dump into a fun, happy place that you look forward to going to every day:

  1. Choose your attitude. I love this one the most.  It’s also probably the hardest to do for some.  You often can’t choose the work you are doing, or the place you work due to circumstances outside your control.  BUT, you CAN decide how you are going to respond or react to it.  That is ALWAYS your choice.
  2. Play. Have fun!  Who decided a workplace has to be serious and dreary?  You can still produce serious work, while having fun.  Find ways to bring fun into your workplace, it will improve your mood so much that you will end up more creative and inspired to do great work.
  3. Make their day. Create a positive experience for your customer and colleagues.  Involve them, engage them, include them.  An added benefit of that is that making someone else’s day usually makes yours too.
  4. Be present. Give a damn.  Focus on whoever you are talking to.  Actively listen.  Put down your phone.  Stop typing that email.  Be present!

Sounds so simple, doesn’t it?  Just 4 easy steps.  However, knowing the steps and understanding them is the easy part.  Finding a way to transform yourself, your department or your company is going to be tougher.  But I guess it all starts with No. 1 – choose your attitude.  Then learn to play, practice making someone’s day, and always be present.  Your transformation and positive impact will surely encourage others to try the same.

Armed with a great attitude and strong action plan, hopefully you can convert your toxic energy dump into a workplace full of passion, fun and positive energy!