Independent Solutions offers you a range of virtual professional services to complement your business, saving you time and money.

You have the benefit of an INDEPENDENT team member with the relevant skills, expertise and creativity to offer you unique SOLUTIONS that can help your business flourish.  You save money by not having the overhead costs of a fulltime employee – buy only the time and skill you need, with the assurance of 100% commitment and quality.


about me

I started Independent Solutions to offer CONTENT WRITING, CREATIVE DESIGN AND EXECUTIVE ADMINISTRATIVE SOLUTIONS, with the aim of helping smaller businesses achieve their goals and see their business thrive.

MY MISSION … is to provide virtual solutions for and partner with businesses whose overarching purpose is to benefit others in a meaningful way. 

You focus on your core activities and let me use my skill and passion to help fill in the gaps.

Each service can be offered independently or combined to build your ideal solution.


A passion for helping others to achieve their goals

10 years of creative design and content writing experience

20 years of high-level administrative experience

BCom degree in Industrial Psychology as well as a range of relevant short courses

Winner of 2 awards for service excellence

Additional skills in the communications, creative and administrative fields


Content Writing

Clear, concise and engaging content for you, your employees and clients

Development of Learning Material – you supply the subject-specific content in raw format, and I compile beautifully designed material that you can present to your students.  This customised material can facilitate an engaging and interactive digital learning experience for schools, home education, businesses, and training centres.  (Material can also be developed for hardcopy printing.)

Newsletters – this is a great way to maintain constant communication with your employees or your clients/customer.  I can design, write content and distribute according to your particular needs and desired frequency.

Articles / Blogs – communicating subject-specific content to your audiences is a great way to connect and engage with them.  Let me prepare relevant and interesting blogs or articles for your internal and external publications.

Presentations – development of professional and clear correspondence and presentations that will have the most impact on your target audience.

Creative Design

Simple, elegant and uncomplicated designs to enhance your business

Visual representation of all your business ideas / plans / news, etc. to make these more visually appealing to your audience (employees or clients/customers).

Print design – enhance your brand by allowing me to take care of all your print design requirements such as infographics, brochures, invitations, newsletter design, flyers, posters, business stationery, menus, certificates – anything you can think of really …

Social media design – catchy quote cards, event invitations, advertising, etc. on your social media accounts can help grow your customer base or get your message out to a wider audience.

Executive Administration

Effective, valuable and time-saving administrative solutions

Comprehensive virtual administrative support, customised to your specific needs, that will save you valuable time by allowing you to devote your energy to the most important elements of your business.

Template Development – tired of messy and chaotic documents? Let me develop a range of business templates to standardise and streamline your document system.

Internet research / compile proposals – you supply the topic, I research, collate the data and compile a draft proposal for you.


Connect with me to discuss how we can build your ideal virtual support solution

Jo-Anne Stolworthy

Location: West Midlands, United Kingdom